Christian CORRE, Université de Paris VIII.

To watch - every day - a painting by Isabelle Palenc, is to be invited to a beautiful adventure.
Indeed, to the immediate pleasure, the certainty that this pleasure is due to the art of painting, is added immediately to the feeling that something well chosen is happening between the canvas and us. Some chose which forces to think, to go further, to go beyond the legitimate notions, but convenient that were quickly mingled with the spirit of a work of this kind : abstraction, gestuality, lyricism in the expression, happinesses harmony and composition.

What applies to a supplement to a said is a real complexity, in large as in large formats, in acrylics as in gouaches or drawings. The works of Isabelle Palenc are inexhaustible. If they flourished, they flourished, kept their secrets, to better reveal themselves in the long run.

One-about-to-reviewing commenting on the refined impression of the shots, the quasi-musical variations of the motifs, the richness of the internal relationships between colors and shapes, contribute to the progressive unveiling of the plural image that constantly demands new decryptions. Certainly not figuration, but also profusion.
Ambiguous objects, voids or transitions that change their character, fictitious landscapes in perpetual mutation.

It is to say that Isabelle Palenc, authentic colorist, is just as much a magnificent calligrapher : the intrusion or the collage of texts, letters and other diverse fragments buy - in these unpublished places - a new act of writing, coextensive with the Prime.
Thus, the whole spontaneously responds to the ambition of all great art : happily combine different levels of meaning and visions in the same playing space.

Bruno D, journaliste

Isabelle Palenc, freely

One is not born painter or sculptor, you become one. Isabelle Palenc knows, who was able to take time to learn, travel and discover, to survey the long history of art, placing her markers before finding her own creative route. Then the time has come ... to give birth and give our eyes her first paintings and sculptures. With what lyricism and what energy, to the measure of the inner world of the artist, finally released and seasoned, ready to unleash her visions.

Each of her pictorial works, in which be read the trace more or less dark and slender of abstract expressionism, highlights the blind spot of an interaction or a tension, contradictory or antagonistic, between the man and environment, the woman and history, the inside and the outside. Her sculptures, rusted scrap metal or accident sheet metal, which she describes very rightly as "objects diversions", participate just as much to her anxious but confident quest. In this regard, all Isabelle Palenc work could be placed under the emblem of one of her sculptures : an Afghan woman, locked in her traditional dress, made ​​of sheet metal here, finds a way out of her cry of revolt made with a tear in the armature.

A gift of freedom, albeit a fragile and fleeting, but that each artist, including Isabelle Palenc, instills in all things like a secret fluid.